IDS Policies

Quality Control Policy

IDS delivers services to a wide range of clients, who rely on its services to guide their decision-making process. To meet the client’s requirements, IDS tries to ensure that the inputs provided are of the highest possible standard. This is achieved by rigour and attention to detail in the full spectrum of our work. The skills of our people are central to these objectives. A high quality of workforce is ensured by recruitment of qualified personnel, combined with an active program of internal training and self development.

Project Confidentiality Policy

A. Confidentiality

Clients’ projects, as well as inquiries from prospects, are considered confidential.

IDS will only disclose information about a project to contacts the client specifies. Those contacts may be provided to specific information as agreed between IDS and the client.

If the client is a consultant, IDS is accustomed to working “behind the scenes”. IDS considers the name of the ultimate client as well as the project description to be confidential.

B. Intellectual Property

Project content belongs to the client, including:

  • Questionnaire drafts
  • Name lists
  • Data files
  • Reports
  • Logos and Trade names

Methodology used to support surveys, including applications developed for a specific project, is the property of either IDS or the client.

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