The special themes of this year’s conference reflect areas of particular interest to the idian refiing community:

  • Clean fuels production
  • Integrated production of petrochemicals and fuels
  • Processing heavy and sour crudes
  • Hydrogen management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sulphur plant operations


B Ashok, Chairman (Indian oil corporation) Inauguration
Axens Keynote Address 1
Shell Global Solutions Keynote Address 2
EIL Euro VI fuels: issues and challemges for Indian refineries.
IOCL (Panipat refinery) Optimisation of polypropylene process
IOCL (R & D) Indmax : a noval technological solution for simultaneous
Residue upgradation and production of light olefins.
HPCL (R &D) Commercialisation of hydrogen PSA: HPCL’s experience.
Sinopec Sinopec’s clean fuels production technologies
Shell Global Solutions Advances in ULSD production technology
Baker Hughes Choosing a naphthenic acid inhibitor programme.
Jacobs Comprimo Ulphur gas cleaning technologies
Crystaphase Iron foulants in refinery processes.
Worley parsons Qualifying for project finance through low cost emissions control
Fluor Daniel Integrated megarefinery and petrochemical complex:a case study
Saint Gobain Norpro Improved catalyst performance through advances in Support media
Blasch Precision ceramics Precast refractory shapes improve process output
Industrial ceramics An evaluation of reaction furnaces
Delta Controls SRU pyrometer verification and calibration methods.
Pentair Safety instrumented systems for valves and controls.
Alfa laval lund Boosting refinery profitability with high efficiency heat exchangers
ESCO Mitigating heat exchanger fouling
Calgavin Energy saving through improved heat recovery
Johnson Matthey Steam reforming catalyst for hydrogen production
ReZel Catalysts Commercial experience with catalyst for maximum proplyene
ExxonMobil Catalytic hydroprocessing for high quality lube base stocks
CRI – Criterion Catalytic diesel dewaxing unlocks the potential of diesel hydrotreating