Refinery & Petrochemical Products

Petrochemicals may be considered the forte of IDS. Being associated with most of the Naphtha/Gas crackers & Aromatic complexes running in the country. IDS today is a force to reckon. Having involved in the work sight from site selection to business research, demand-supply balance, studies, product mix selection, pricing & price projections, product identification, logistics studies etc, IDS can easily provide strategic consulting to the clients. The range of products studied includes a number of streams such as:

  • Feedstocks
  • Commodity Polymers
  • Performance polymers
  • Elastomers
  • Fibre Value Chain
  • Synthetic Fibres
  • Intermediates
  • Surfactants
  • Aromatics
  • Solvents etc.


In mind, therefore, even the basic purpose petrochemicals of constructing a refinery are such on west coast refinery. Changing with time.

The refining industry is undergoing critical restructuring at present. Firstly the configurations are continuously changing due to even stringent environmental regulations and stress on cleaner fuels. The refineries are now changing from middle distillate maximization to light distillate maximization also being a primary feed provider, Refineries are forward integrating with high-value petrochemicals to maximize bottom lines via utilizing last available useful molecule to a value-added product.

Therefore, more & more Refinery – petrochemical integration is being planned on well as implemented in fact, at present, even refineries are being planned to keep worlds one of the most integrated complexes, others, joining the club are IOCL, BPCL (Kochi, Mumbai), HMEL (Panipat, Koyali, Paradeep), etc.







LPG 6.5 8.0
Naphtha 4.7 2.2
MS 10.1 8.5
ATF 10.0 7.1
SKO -1.5 -6.1
HSD 7.4 4.1
LDO -3.3 -3.7
Lubes 2.4 6.2
FO & LSHS -0.5 -3.2
Bitumen 4.3 5.2
Petroleum Coke* 22.1 22.6
Others* 8.1 11.8
Total 7.0 4.4
* NOTE: Growth for 2010-11 to 2018-19 for Petroleum Coke and Others. For rest of the products growth is shown from 1998-99 to 2018-19.


The sectors studied in major market research work related to petrochemicals, include Raffia, injection moulded items, extrusion products, roto moulding, thermoformed products, spun & drawn products etc, solvents, laminated products etc.

Recent Key Stories

  • Grassroot PET unit and expansion of PET Plant in Eastern India with capacity of 200 KTPA to 415 KTPA
  • Gas Cracker for producing 310 KTPA of HDPE and LLDPE in Northern India
  • Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Unit of capacity of 120 KTPA in Western India
  • Multi feed cracker in Western India for producing HDPE, LLDPE, PP
  • Naphtha Cracker in Eastern India for manufacturing PE, PP, Benzene
  • Naphtha Cracker for producing HDPE, LLDPE, PP, MEG in Northern India
  • PP Compounding unit in Northern India
  • PP Unit of capacity of 440 KTPA in Northern India
  • Para-xylene (PX) – PTA Unit in Northern India
  • Tie-up of a US based large FMCG Company with a reputed Indian research institute in New Delhi for development of product made from elastomers