Industrial Development services private Ltd have embarked on a journey to cultivate awareness among different stake holders about major issues pertaining to protection of the environment through the organization of an annual conference dealing with :

  • Key policy issues and commitments to national / International stipulations on emission control particularly with respect to CO2, NOx, SOx and particulates control
  • Waste water treatment encompassing produced water, aqueous effluent and recycle of treated effluent
  • Safe disposal of solid waste
  • Technology options available/ being developed to address increasingly stringent demands for environmental compliance.


Session -1: SOx, NOx and VOC Hydrocarbon Emission Control

  • Salient features of proposed amendments in regulatory standards for Oil & Gas industry (Mr. SK Tyagi, Director – CPCB)
  • SOx, NOx and VOC Hydrocarbon Emission control (M/s Haldon Topsoe)
  • Minimising Hydrocarbon gaseous emission by recovery of gas / liquid hydrocarbon & Hydrogen (M/s IDS)
  • Zero flaring at Oil & gas production facilities (M/s ONGC)

Session -2: Reduction of CO2Emission (carbon footprint)

  • Capture of CO2 from flue gases and conversion to methanol (M/s fluor, USA)
  • CO2 capture technologies to meet COP – 21 (M/s Air Liquide, France)
  • Conversion of CO2 to methanol and other chemicals (M/s Mitsubishi, Japan)
  • Conversion of CO2 to methanol (M/s Lanza – Tech, USA)

Session -3: Liquid Waste Management

  • Refinery waste water treatment including In – situ Oil recovery from process Units, offsite facility and spent caustic treatment, (M/s EIL)
  • Innovative method for improving BOD/COD quality of treated effluent from refinery for reuse / recycle (M/s neeri, Zonal laboratory, Delhi)
  • Advancements in refinery waste water treatment (M/s paramount pollution control)
  • Produced water treatment and Re – use for Oil & Gas production facilities (M/s MYCELX, USA)

Session -4: Solid Waste Management

  • Minimizing spent catalyst in refineries (M/s BPCL- R&D)
  • Utilisation of spent FCC/RFCC catalyst (M/s IOCL –R&D)
  • Recovery of catalyst particles from FCC flue gas to minimize SPM in ambient air (M/s Dahlman)
  • Crude oil tank desludging for optimum oil recovery (M/s ARK OIL, Netherland)
  • Crude Oil tank desludging (plant tech) MRPL case study (M/s MRPL)

Session -5: Process Safety Management

  • Prevention of accidents / fire incidents – with implementation of model 5S’ practices Japanese guidelines for petroleum industry – (M/s IDS)
  • Use of remote operated long range monitors in storage area of critical petroleum products – Marketing terminals, HPCL case study (M/s HPCL)
  • Incidents of fire / Explosions – with in Oil & gas industry worldwide & fire blasts control on offshore platforms (IRESC, Hong KONG)

Session -6: HSE Excellence & sustainability

  • Harnessing big data analytics for health and safety performance (IRESC, Hongkong)
  • Developments on leak detection system for safety and operation of cross country pipelines (IOCL, Pipelines Division)
  • Enhancing safety and reliability – Marketing terminals (IOCL, Mumbai)
  • Reliability & Integrity of the ageing Pipelines (M/s GAIL)

Session -7: IIOT Application for Operation / Maintenance and Safety

  • Digital assets performance management for operation/ Maintenance and safety in petroleum refinery / Oil & Gas facilities ( Emerson Automation Solution)
  • Digital Asset performance management Oil & Gas industry GE – Digital system – kochi refinery case study (M/s BPCL, Kochi)