Industrial Development services Pvt. Ltd. (IDS) has embarked on a journey to cultivate awareness among different stake holders about major issues pertaining to protection of the environment by organizing the Annual 2-days seminar dealing with process safety and Environmental issues related to the petroleum industry – Petroleum Refinery, Petrochemicals and Oil and Gas industry . This is the 4th edition of Enviro seminar.

The key policy issues and commitments to national and international stipulations on emission control particularly with respect to CO2, NOx, SOx, and particulates control will be deliberated.

The seminar is focused on the following topics

  • Reduction of carbon foot print (co, emissions ) Emission control of hydrocarbons
  • Solid waste management
  • Process safety management
  • Digital developments for incident prevention
  • Bio fuels for reducing the vehicular emissions



Session-1: Reduction of carbon foot print (CO2 Emissions)

  • Recovery of CO2 from stack gases – technologies for conversion to value added product (Lummus / shell global / technip / KBC / KBR )
  • Conversion of captured CO2 to ethanol (IOC – R&D)
  • Case study of ongoing project of CO2 conversion of CO2 to ethyl Alcohol – by LANZA Tech at IOC – Panipat refinery.

Session – 2: Emission Control of Hydrocarbons

  • Innovative techniques to minimize hydrocarbon emission from effluent streams (IDS)
  • Challenges in treating effluent treatment approaching zero discharge (EIL)
  • Control of fugitive Emission in petroleum industry (M/s. Emersons)
  • Innovations in improving BOD / COD quality of effluent for reuse (NEERI)

Session – 3: Solid waste management

  • International best practices on storage, handling and disposal utilization of petroleum coke (IDS)
  • New approaches in hydroprocessing spent catalysts disposal (porocel)
  • Desludging of Crude oil tank with recovery of oil upto 95% min. And utilization of residual sludge (ARK OIL, Dubai/ Oreco, Denmark – balmer lawrie)
  • Case study of De – Sludging of crude oil tanks by operating refinery

Session – 4: Process safety management

  • Lessons learnt from major fire incidents reported and investigated in Oil refineries World Wide (EIL)
  • Predictive analylitics in incidents prevention in Oil industry (IRESC)
  • Risk based maintenance management of petroleum pipelines (IOC – Pipes lines)
  • Flare reduction technologies in Gas/ Oil industries (IHS – Markit)

Session – 5: Digital Developments for incident prevention

  • Digital application / Monitoring of hydrocarbon detectors in process/ offsite facilities (Gexcon India, Pune)
  • Digital developments for enhancing safety in Oil Industry(Honeywell)

Session – 6: Bio-Fuels for reducing the vehicular Emissions

  • Importance of renewable furls (EIL R&D)
  • Bio aviation fuels (IIP Dehradun)
  • Bio fuels for vehicles (IOCL R&D)