Facilitating FDI in India

Impressive economic growth, vibrant democratic environment, thriving stock market, availability of skilled manpower, investment-friendly Government policies, strategic location surrounded by waters on three sides are some of the factors that render peninsular India an attractive destination for investments by transnational corporations. Several foreign investors are heading towards the country. However, they have to face certain constraints like new cultural environment, regulatory framework, legal issues, etc.

IDS team has geared itself to advise the foreign investors and guide them towards hassle-free entry into the country. IDS has assisted several foreign investors aspiring for entry into India in numerous ways such as:

  • Company Formation in India
  • Company Registration
  • Obtaining Approvals
  • Designing Memorandum of Understanding
  • Designing Articles of Associations
  • Payments of Various Types of Fees to Government Office
  • Manpower Planning & Execution
  • Obtain Certificates for Commencement of Business in India
  • Identifying Joint-Venture Partners
  • Project Profiles for Finalization of Business Scheme
  • Site Selection
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Report (TEFR)
  • Technology Evaluation