Effluents & Emissions Management

Management and control of industrial emissions and effluents is becoming increasingly important because of greater awareness of the hazards and industry’s commitment to public health and social welfare. IDS is organizing a seminar on “effluents and emissions management issues & challenges for the Hydrocarbon industry”.

The seminar focuses on:

  • Environment Management in petroleum industry.
  • Integrating technology to provide appropriate solution.
  • Re-inventing petroleum processes to minimize the pollutants at source.
  • Effective monitoring for better management of fugitive emissions, waste water and solid waste.

Effluents & Emissions Management Issues & Challenges For Hydrocarbon Industry

The paper on following topics will be presented in the seminar:

  • Minimizing fugitive Emissions.
  • Oily- water/Hydrocarbon Monitoring/ Detection Systems
  • Flare Management & Maintenance.
  • Process control instrumentation for furnace combustion.
  • Spent caustic treatment.
  • Zero effluent discharge – A case study of ONGC Onshore facility.
  • Produced water treatment.
  • Waste management at drilling site.
  • Spent catalyst management.
  • Stack emission monitoring.
  • Oily- sludge management (Mapping, Recovery & Disposal) 
  • Closed slurry System for delayed coker unit.
  • Regulatory regime for petroleum industry.
  • Green fuels / BS-VI for implementation for automobile vehicles.