Project Consulting

Project consulting provides our clients a rational assessment of facilities, with respect to the economic feasibility of individual projects and the relative net benefits of alternative and mutually exclusive projects.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve project goals and objectives in the context of constraints like capacities, time and budget. Project consulting helps an entrepreneur or an organization to overcome such challenges. Project consulting provides strategic insights and the road map for success to sustain growth in existing and potential new markets.

Consulting Offered

Project Identification

We provide various consulting solution that include: current scenario of different Industries/Sectors, Identification of best performing and upcoming sector/projects, Strengths and Weaknesses of Promoters, Opportunities and Threats for specific shortlisted projects vis-à-vis promoters, and preparation of project Profiles.

Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies (TEFR)

Feasibility studies conducted by IDS include end to end project feasibility analysis starting from project proposal, technical and financial analyses, cost projections, financing options, projections of performance, profitability analysis, long and short term projected balance sheet and cash flows.

Site Selection

IDS helps companies in project site selection for their upcoming projects based on current and projected business environment, geo-political analyses, detailed economic study of parameters related to land acquisition, resettlement & rehabilitation issues, and environmental consideration.

Optimization of Resources

Studies conducted by IDS in this segment focus on raw material sources and reserves, logistics management, and price analysis and forecasting.

Energy & Environment Studies

IDS in association with environment experts assists various industries in the area of energy optimization, use of bio-chemicals, and biofuels. We also provide basic services in the area of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Auditing (EA) in running units.

Recent Key Studies

  • Recently, IDS has prepared market research report for various chemicals, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals with respect to India as well as global scenario, demand assessment end use analysis, future projection of supply & demand, logistics, pricing and duty structure etc.
  • Market and Configuration Study of Ethylene Derivatives for an Indian Company, aimed at examining the most lucrative project, out of ten projects. The study covered a detailed global and domestic demand availability assessment for ethylene-based derivatives, along with financial estimates and technical assessment of nine ethylene and one propylene based derivative. The financial estimates include estimated investment, cost of production, working capital, annual sales revenue, cash flow, economic analysis, price sensitivity analysis. IDS has recommended the most viable ethylene based derivatives and on the basis of this, company has accepted suggested configuration and going ahead with the project.
  • IDS has assisted an investor company in the Middle East to invest in an upcoming refinery in South India. The project involved complete technical due-diligence of the refinery in terms of equipment in Inside Battery Limited (ISBL) and Outside Battery Limited (OSBL) area, capacity, quality of products, analysis of various agreements, project cost, project implementation schedule, refinery products market in Southern region.
  • IDS has prepared Techno-economic Feasibility Report (TEFR) for epichlorohydrin (ECH) plant. The report covered the demand-availability analysis of epichlorohydrin, availability of raw materials and market of by-products, analysis of different process technologies available, project configuration, project implementation plan, project cost estimate, economic evaluation, environmental aspects, and other potential products based on chlorine.
  • Project report on Proposed Marketing Development-cum-Business Park was prepared for setting up of a multi-storied marketing development-cum-business complex for small-scale industrial units. It also involved the estimate of preliminary cost for the project, estimated annual revenue and running costs with profitability complete with Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) analysis.
  • Recently, IDS assisted an East Asian company in choosing an appropriate site for two polymer compounding units in Northern and Southern India. This involved detailed political, social, and techno-economic analysis of various industrial site options, and a geo-political-economic SWOT analysis as well as recommendation for land acquisition.
  • IDS in collaboration with renowned consulting organization, has carried out a Technology Assessment of Bio-industrial Products in India. The study covered an overview of the growing importance of bio-Industrial products in India and international marketplace, identification of two potential chemicals and two fuels (produced via bio-route) through a primary survey, current and future demand.