Global Super Absorbent Polymer Market Overview

Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPs) are materials that have the capability to soak up and hold large volumes of water and aqueous solutions. This makes them perfect for use in water absorbing applications such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, sanitary napkins, absorbent medical dressings and controlled release medium.

The Global SAP market size was valued at US$ 4.5 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach US$ 6 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period. Increase in health standards, positive growth in infant birth rate are stirring up the demand of baby diapers, which in turn provide zest to SAP market. Also, increasing awareness about personal hygiene among females, elevating incomes, aging population, availability of sanitary napkins at an affordable price, economic affluence and improvement of the healthcare sector are also major factors which boosts the demand of sanitary napkins and adult incontinence pads which in turn drives the market during forecasted period.

Based on the end-use analysis of SAP, its market is divided into following applications:
1)- Baby Diapers 2)- Medical Products 3)- Sanitary Napkins 4)- Adult Incontinence Pads
Personal hygiene is currently the largest end-use sector of SAP which constitutes baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult diapers. This sector contributes to more than 90% of demand SAP globally backed by factors such increasing infant & geriatric population, growth in knowledge regarding personal hygiene among women etc.

China and North-East Asia are the largest producers of SAP with an annual production share of around 60% of the total global production. Among the different regions of the world, Europe & China are the significant revenue precipitator for the market of Super Absorbent Polymer as they generate a demand of around 60% on a global scale. They will remain global leaders during the forecasting period i.e during 2019-2023. Among other regions, Indian Sub-Continent is anticipated to record highest growth in the demand of SAP due to the presence of developing economies such as India. Increasing Population along with growing awareness regarding personal hygiene will remain prominent factors for augmentation of demand for SAP in the developing economies.

BASF, Evonik, Nippon Shakubai, Sumitomo Seika, Formosa Plastics, Danson, LG Chemicals, TASNEE-Evonik, are the major global manufacturers of SAP holding a production capacity of more than 90% of the total global installed capacity.

This report covers the global scenario on Super Absorbent Polymer Industry, Region-wise Supply Demand Analysis and Future Demand Projections for Africa, South America, North America, Indian Subcontinent, North East Asia, China, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. For Indian scenario this report covers major producers, Supply, Demand, Market Drivers and Future Projection.